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Executive Search / Permanent Placement

Once you decide to start or renew the recruiting process, conducting a search can be time consuming. As the experts in this area allow us to tap into our networks and find the talent you need.  Let us partner with you to structure a clearly focused analysis of your “needs” vs “wants”, company culture and future growth in order to connect you with the best talent available.

We have proven leaders with a high level of competency in their fields of human resources/recruiting, project management, sales, marketing and technology. We can effectively balance organizational synergies between technology, best practices and other business functions in order to achieve company goals.

Career Coaching / Advisory Professionals 

Searching for a new career or position can be difficult and a time consuming process. Choosing a career advisor and/or mentor to assist you in the process is an option that can save you time and effort while keeping your search confidential.

Creating a good resume, researching potential employers, applying for positions and preparing for interviews can account for weeks, if not months, of valuable time.

We offer consultation services to eligible candidates, who are serious about taking the next step. We will strategically tailor a plan to suit your needs. We provide the knowledge and expertise to help market your skills effectively, possibly introduce you to an exciting opportunity, and negotiate a favorable compensation package.


Let’s get started:

First, register to receive your dedicated career mentor and advocate. After spending time with you, reviewing your experience, as well as your goals and career aspirations; we will customize a plan in-line with your personalized career goals.

We carefully prioritize the most important aspects of your career; evaluate your skills and responsibilities. By doing so, we are in a better position to match your career objectives, personal lifestyle goals, with companies seeking a top talent like yourself.

RTA will work to ensure you are interviewing for the right opportunities, at the best time, with the right employers, and prepare you with the best information to be successful.

We realize with the rise in inflation, stagnant salary growth, higher social awareness; all of these factors can relate to a sincere need for work-life-balance. Compensation may not be a key motivator for prompting a career move but RTA will work to establish a clear balance between career “wants” & “needs” that can match corporate cultures of our clients.

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